Handcrafted Maine Potato Vodka

Enjoy a new appreciation for spirits with the handcrafted potato vodka that's built from the ground up for uncompromising purity and quality. Get to the root of good taste with the vodka that sits amongst the best in the world.

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Maine Blueberry Flavored Vodka

Enjoy the real taste of blueberry with true 80 proof potato vodka infused with the intense flavor of wild lowbush Maine blueberries. Whether sipped straight or mixed, it promises less sugar and a more authentic blueberry taste.

Pick A True Blueberry Vodka        

Traditional Gin

Good taste in gin is all about finding balance. Ours delivers. Made in small batches with our own farm-grown potatoes and a secret mix of seven botanicals, our handcrafted gin refines a traditional British recipe into a true American spirit.

Find Balance In Your Gin        
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