Traditional Gin

Discover the Balanced Taste of Botanicals


Find the perfect balance of botanical flavor with the handcrafted gin that promises genuinely good taste. Like our world-famous vodkas, our gluten-free gin is made with whole Maine potatoes and the pure water of Maine's Cold River. Using a recipe that dates back to the early days of British gin, we use our own secret blend of seven traditional botanicals that are steeped for the perfect amount of time to infuse the essential flavors. The end result is a true handcrafted American spirit that delights the true gin lover with a perfectly dry, exquisitely balanced and invigorating taste experience.

  • 94 Proof 40% Alcohol By Volume, Gluten-free, 7 Traditional Botanical, 100% Potato Gin


  • 90 points, Excellent/Highly Recommended
    Ultimate Spirit Challenge
  • 5 Stars
  • Gold Medal
    San Francisco World Spirits Competition