Blueberry Flavored Vodka

Experience True Taste in Blueberry


Experience the true taste of wild blueberries with the 100% Maine potato vodka that trades sugar and additives for the real thing. Unlike traditional flavored vodkas that end up tasting artificial, ours is infused with the flavor of wild Maine blueberries that are steeped for days before we filter off the alcohol and mix it into our classic vodka recipe. The difference is evident from the moment you open the bottle to find a wonderful, aromatic blueberry bouquet. The end result is a true 80 proof blueberry flavored vodka that promises real taste with up to 15X less sugar than most flavored vodkas.

Cold River Blueberry Flavored Vodka is preferred by connoisseurs and bartenders because it mixes well and lacks the overpowering sweetness that can ruin a fine cocktail. And the real beauty of its subtle and smooth flavor comes out even more when sipped neat or on the rocks.

  • 80 Proof 40% Alcohol By Volume, Gluten-free, Maine blueberries, 100% Potato Vodka

"An 80-proof homage to Mother Nature with a voluminous bouquet and a finish like the holy chorus
of blueberries."

Robert Plotkin,
Wine Enthusiast Magazine,
July 2009